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Month: November, 2014

The secret to cougar dating

The secret to cougar dating is really no secret at all, simply sign up at In fact, a lot of guys who get a lot of pussy would laugh at these tips because it’s like common sense to them. The sad reality is that what’s common sense to guys who get a lot of pussy and who are real pimps with women are complete mysteries to most mortal men. This really is too bad because if you want to achieve in any area of your life, you really need to dig within and come into contact with the truth that you contain.

Everybody actually has the answers to all the problems in their lives except they’re just big pussies. They’re big babies and they don’t want to confront their issues straight on. This is especially true when it comes to cougar dating. If you really want to master this type of dating, then you need to pay attention to getting referred. It really is that simple. You need to just get into bed with one cougar and if you knock the ball out of the park, she will be your cheerleader.

Seriously, you have to remember that older women are able to orgasm at least three times back to back if they want to. If they’re with the right man, they can cum even more. This is why a lot of older women, we’re talking about 30 and above, get hornier with each passing year. Why? The older man that they are with simply can’t keep up. A lot of these cougars are single and they can’t find an older man that would please them so they look for younger guys. Unfortunately, a lot of the younger guys out there can’t do the job right. They cum too early or they ejaculate just hearing a woman’s voice. Talk about complete losers.

However, if you’re that one guy that gives her the satisfaction and experience that she’s looking for she’s going to refer you. She’s going to tell her friends about you and that you are an amazing lover. What you only need to do is to hit it hard, hit it relentlessly and hit it for multiple wins. Think of it like a sport. It’s like you’re riding a horse and you’re just trying to pop as many orgasms for her as possible.