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Month: January, 2019

Grannys Getting Down

When I first started watching porn, I had no idea what I wanted to see or where to go to get it. A friend told me to check out, so I did. This was how my porn watching journey began. It was nice that everything was clearly organized and separated by category. I’m not going to pretend like I knew what all of them meant, but I knew I’d get to those eventually. I just started clicking on stuff right away and ended up watching this Prime Euro video clip of granny getting creampied. I about fell out of my chair.

That’s when I really started looking into things, and I couldn’t believe all the different types of people that do porn. Every age, culture, race, size, gender, they’re all there. This was perfect for someone like me that was just starting out. I could watch a little bit of everything and figure out what does the trick and what doesn’t. I still use this site to this very day.