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Older and wiser GILF women need you inside them!

With so much pussy on offer these days it can be a little bewildering to know just where to start. It seems to me that there’s no shortage of free-spirited women out there that are willing to do almost anything that you desire. My foray has always been granny pussy. Now laugh if you like, but this is some of the sweetest pussy that you can ever get.

I know you guys have your doubts on that. If you’d like to take a few minutes out and take a look at Horny Gilf Blog maybe it will change your mind for the better. I have a good feeling that once you see for yourself just how sex happy those older women are you’ll wonder why you haven’t been banging them all along.

With age comes experience and trust me they’ve got plenty. They will do things to your cock that no younger women would ever dare try. Think you’ve got the balls to make them happy? they sure hope so as they’re laying down waiting for you to plow them nice and hard. Once you do you’ve certainly opened the door to the best gilf experience your cock is ever going to have!

Dating Younger Men is Not Rocket Science for Cougars

If you are a younger dude looking for cougar pussy, understand that the dynamics of cougars dating younger men are actually pretty easy to understand. It is not rocket science. It is not brain surgery. It is not forensic anthropology. It’s very basic stuff that in the end hopefully it gets you laid.

A lot of older cougars like to date younger men because of energy levels. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. It’s all about stamina and energy. No big mystery, no hieroglyphics to decipher, no strange foreign tongues to understand, no weird symbologies to wrap your mind around. Basic stuff.

You see, when it comes to sexual energy and stamina, cougars and men are on completely different tracks. If you are a guy and you are in your late teens, you have a tremendous amount of sexual energy. In fact, the sound of a bird chirping on a tree behind you is enough to get you hard. I mean, that’s kind of an exaggeration, but not by much. You know it and I know it. You have a tremendous amount of stamina and you just want to use it all up. Now, as you get closer to your 40’s, that energy drops like a rock and before you know it, its all gone.

Cougars, on the other hand, proceed in the opposite direction. When they’re younger, they’re less sure of themselves. They don’t quite know what to expect, so they’re a little bit more demure. They’re a bit low key. So the energy level and propensity is fairly low when they’re younger.

But as they get through their 20’s it picks up. And then when they get to their 30’s and they start experiencing multiple orgasms, it picks up a lot. And it keeps going higher and higher. For some cougars, it extends past the age of 60.

Do you see how this works? When you put this in a graph, you get an X. And this is why there are more and more cougars dating younger men. This is not rocket science because younger men have the energy and stamina that they’re looking for.

So wrap your mind around this and you would master the art of dating cougars. Remain completely clueless to this or ignore this, then it’s anybody’s guess how you can hook up with more and more cougar for sex dates with

How Not to Screw Up When Dating Single Milfs

I remember the first time I chatted with a single milf, and it was several years ago, I think it was over 15 years ago, I was in an MIRC chatroom. If you haven’t heard of MIRC, you’re lucky because that means you’re young. MIRC is basically older than Yahoo Chat, and older than AOL Chat. I know that sounds ridiculously old, but it is. The funny thing about MIRC is that it’s still alive. It’s still going on.

Anyway, I was hanging out in the room and was talking to this chick from Illinois who said she had 3 kids, and she said that she was a single mom. So far so good. It seems like she was very comfortable, and I was cracking jokes, and I was comfortable. Things were going quite smoothly.

I was basically ready to ask her for her phone number or maybe some nude pictures to get the ball rolling, but then I fucked up and asked the question. What the fuck did I say? Well, I asked if the fathers of her kids were different. In other words, if she had sex with 3 different men to produce 3 different babies.

As you can probably already tell, that line of questioning did not go over well. In fact, it went over well like a lead balloon. In other words, I crashed and burned. The funny thing about all of this is that it was one of my first lessons in screwing up when trying to date single milfs.

You have to understand that a lot of single women who have kids are facing many different issues. It’s really fucked up if you think about it because if you step into their shoes, it’s rough. It’s rough being a single mom and you can’t just base your conversation on your need to have sex with her. It’s just not going to work.

You have to communicate on a very real basis. In other words, be curious about going on and really try to know her. While both of you know that, ultimately, it’s all about banging and having anonymous sex, a little bit of humanity goes a long way.

You have to understand that it’s too easy to screw up dating single milfs @ because they can be very touchy and I really can’t blame them. So be aware of the questions you ask and be aware of the assumptions you bring because they can fuck you up in a big way.