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Older is Better on Cock

Most guys I know are into younger chicks. They will risk their marriages chasing after tight young tail. It doesn’t matter to them that the girls are high maintenance and bitchy. They seem to think that snagging coed snatch with perky tits somehow reverses their own aging. They desperately reach for the glory days thinking that their dick knows the way. It’s all a bunch of foolishness.

When you see the sex appeal of grandmas, you’re golden. Wives and girlfriends never suspect a thing if you say you are heading over to help the poor widow down the street with something. In fact, they praise you for it and brag about what a big heart you have. It never occurs to them that old Mrs. Miller is riding your cock after you change a lightbulb or replace her smoke detector batteries. Old broads are appreciative and love the attention. They have years and years of skill to put to use.

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